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Effect of the passenger car market in 2013 of 13 N model
Release Time:  2014/1/17 copyright belongs:  LEGEVO TECHNOLOGY Focus number: [ 7792]

GS-1 luxury double decker sightseeing bus

The development of enterprises: Anhui Ankai automobile Limited by Share Ltd

Technical features: GS-1 luxury double decker sightseeing bus special design and manufacture for the London Olympic Games, a total of two, a full convertible top,another is the upper 1/3 top. Two vehicles are used all over the body, upper opentype carriage, providing 360 degree panoramic view for passengers, and equipped with Chinese, English, German and other eight voice synchronization system. The caris also equipped with GPS navigation system, the garage where a scenic spot, the passengers at the touch of a button you can listen to on the attractions.

Application: in 2012 February, 20 GS-1 luxury double decker sightseeing bus intoEnglish, and passed the test, to provide services for the London Olympic games. In an open top bus to city tourism, has a long history in the United Kingdom, and formed aunique bus tour culture. This field has been the world China bus, bus rarely. Ankai bus with leading edge technology, take the lead in realizing the high-end roadster sightseeing bus export, breaking the China only in the low-end passenger car exportsituation, export Chinese bus is a landmark event.

Expert evaluation: thanks to the introduction of Germany Saite pull S215, S315 models of production technology, the Ankai Corporation to absorb and digest the fullload of bus technology, based on the self-developed series of city bus and double decker buses, and for the London Olympic Games provide custom models, means that European customers have come to accept the manufacture level Chinese bus,the GS-1 luxury double decker sightseeing bus is a milepost significance of models.

Reporter comments on: aim at the highest level in the world the development of own brand products, is a magic weapon for enterprises of our country to catch up with the world advanced level, it is often a pleasant surprise to the world. When the double decker sightseeing bus driving Chinese made the streets of London, a lot of people in London has revealed that expression.

In fact, as early as 2007, Ankai city sightseeing cars exported to the United Arab Emirates of Dubai, the double decker bus Ankai already on the road, South Africa,America operations in Australia and other countries and regions, with its stability,comfort and reliability, has been recognized by the passengers, become a business card China high-end tourist bus.

The article source: 华思众科技
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