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Its maintenance company in liaoning: GPS online supervision to carry out the mass line bus
Release Time:  2014/1/17 copyright belongs:  LEGEVO TECHNOLOGY Focus number: [ 7637]

As of January 16th, the GPS project in Liaoning maintenance company has beenofficially launched, marking the company implement the power supply service "ten commitments" requirement, strengthen the supervision on the bus, action to carry outthe mass line of the party.

It is reported, the company based on service grid, application of production, to play a regulatory role, in 2014 January officially started the GPS project, phase out the vehicle data collection and entry, GPS vehicle terminal equipment installation, system on-line test preparatory work operation etc.. The project application, the administrator can carry out real-time monitoring, vehicle to vehicle real-time statistics, track playback, control allocation, overspeed alarm, dispatching task and a series of relatedoperations, convenient for the vehicle scheduling, reduce cost, improve security, thebus management more standardized, scientific, the sun, to enhance service deliveryDC hybrid power grid capacity, the practice of the party's mass line has important significance.

In addition, the company strictly implement the rule of law and the central eight provisions, with vehicles "are not fixed to the person, is not directed to theDepartment" principle, to meet operation in 500000 kV power grid needs as the premise, the implementation of vehicle repair according to plan and build bikes,assessment mechanism, the vehicle refueling card, car repair, car washing, fixed pointapplication of ETC electronic toll collection system, strict control of vehicle cost,implement the reform.

The next stage, State Grid Liaoning maintenance company will deepen the vehicle GPS, establish the control mechanism of vehicle GPS system normal, realize the vehicle using the full process control, strictly controlling the use the government cars for private purposes, and provide technical support for the realization of vehicle"centralized management, unified control".

The article source: 华思众科技
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