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About the fourth world conference of GPS carrier review and reflection
Release Time:  2014/1/17 copyright belongs:  LEGEVO TECHNOLOGY Focus number: [ 9003]

Under the curtain for a period of two days of GPS operator assembly fall in Shenzhencity transportation bureau. The GPS operator assembly is held under the background of financial crisis the world therefore Congress highlight the "Industry Chain Coprosperity of this theme," to "resource integration, mutual interaction, sharing and win-win" as the starting point and the foothold, the focus for the GPS industry chain enterprises to build a platform of exchange and cooperation "to promote openness and cooperation GPS enterprise's GPS industry chain.

The organizers also invited logistics association representatives, road, emergencyrescue association college professors and industry experts. The GPS operator convention attendees unless invited to the 100 GPS operators, map makers,manufacturers and telecom operators symposium. Organizers hope that through interaction of two links, aroused the enthusiasm of the audience, and achieved good results.

The author made a simple analysis to the participating enterprises, including relatedaccessories business accounted for almost four of participating enterprises, especially the GPS module and LED manufacturers, there are other manufacturers likecommunication module, voice module manufacturers and camera manufacturers,which also coincided with the organizers of industry chain the original intention ofcommon prosperity.

Taxi GPS operation mode triggered heated debate

In addition to the GPS industry chain enterprises to participate in outside, and advertising companies also participated in the carrier assembly. Why is advertisingcompany will appear in the GPS operator assembly, a group of data analysis can bethe following.

New Chengdu taxi all installed GPS positioning system, the first half of this year Harbin city taxi to GPS monitoring terminal installation. 6901 Kunming taxi will this year the bottom mounted on a GPS apparatus, Yinchuan for more than 6000 taxi free installation GPS Xi'an rental industry to accelerate the vehicle GPS monitoringequipment installation, Fuzhou's largest taxi service station opened, begin to update the Shanghai taxi GPS equipment, Jilin province will be gradually extended GPS positioning equipment, Ji'nan taxi large-scale installation GPS Nanjing taxi GPS. Tostandardize services, Haikou new taxi installed LED+GPS terminal, Guangzhou taxi drivers have been installed in vehicle GPS positioning system, Tianjin beginning to install GPS improve taxi drivers safe, started in Shijiazhuang taxi scheduling GPS monitoring system, Hefei rental full installation of GPS vehicle terminal, Beijing last3000 vehicles this year have bee

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The article source: 华思众科技
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