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The perspective of Mosaic theory of GPS the workability of the evidence
Release Time:  2014/1/17 copyright belongs:  LEGEVO TECHNOLOGY Focus number: [ 26578]

Abstract: United States v. Maynard United States v. case and Jones case follow-up will"mosaic theory" criminal procedure of import, used to judge the vehicle GPSinformation electronic monitoring the admissibility of evidence, from the search criteriaestablished in the Katz case to challenge and added a new method, the "space"besides, the "time" as an important parameter judging privacy state regulation of modern technology, logic method and by mosaic theory can invade the "time" for some of the field. GPS vehicle information has indirect evidence, electronic evidence,trace evidence characteristics. As a kind of information synergy effect theory and logic method, mosaic theory for the industry analysis of vehicle GPS evidence and more extensive electronic monitoring evidence on the significance of the scientific reliability,relevance, legitimacy and generalized admissibility provides a new perspective, andprovide enlightenment for the related rules in our country criminal prosecution of technical investigation and the use of evidence.

Emerging technology changing is not only people's daily life, in the field of criminal justice, visit the emerging technology indicates that the rules of challenge and innovation an upcoming and smell of simcere. The global positioning system (globalpositioning system, GPS) is currently the world's most extensive range of applications,the most practical timing, location, navigation and positioning system {1}. It consists ofAmerican at the end of the last century fully completed, the initial GPS should only beused for military, [1] but with the continuous deepening of increasingly perfect, GPS satellite positioning system GPS positioning theory and the continuous improvementof computer hardware, GPS satellite navigation and positioning technology has penetrated into all fields of the national economy, and plays more and more role {2}important. In 1983, President Reagan America instruction civil GPS signal to the worldfree open [2], vehicle navigation and mobile communication has been common incountries. China has also started to study on Application of GPS in the vehicle, and in rapid development. {1} as a scientific evidence, in recent years, A new force suddenly rises. car GPS evidence in criminal cases American court trial, the evidence problemcaused by federal and state courts concern. In this paper, combined with the recentcase American, analysis from the view of embedded vehicle GPS admissibility of evidence, and tries to discuss the logical method to our technology in criminal investigation and scientific evidence related rules of enlightenment.

The rise and disputes, GPS evidence in

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The article source: 华思众科技
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