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After the 90 small car rental to theft GPS betrayed him
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Times hearing yesterday morning, the Xiaoshan court hearing the case with grand theft auto rearview mirror. After 90 guy had engaged in automotive beauty industry,BMW, Mercedes Benz car rearview mirror that valuable, early in the morning with a rented car, 5 hours of crazy stole 31 pieces of lenses for 22 cars, to steal fromXiaoshan urban district of Hangzhou, haven't had time to find a buyer was captured,originally he rented the car GPS betrayed him.

Times reporter Sun Jiali text / photo Xiao Fa correspondent

Drive to the theft of the GPS betrayed him

7 morning last September 22nd, Home Xu went to Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Northstreets Gimpo Mingyuan, walk to the north gate of the BMW car parked in residential,is ready to start, but found the side mirrors the dark, Xu prodding the stamp, gasped,rearview mirror is gone. At this time, around another owner Fu also exclaimed,originally his BMW car side mirrors also take wings to itself, two people immediatelycall the police.

That morning, Xiaoshan district has more than a dozen cars were the rearview mirrorstolen events, Hangzhou city also has four car rearview mirror stolen, but this isn't the Mercedes Benz is BMW, the rearview mirror stolen or one side or both sides, a total of 22 car was stolen.

The police immediately obtained by field monitoring, monitoring found a suspicious man, who drove a grey Buick Excelle crime, and this car is a car rental company, GPS system installed in the vehicle through the car rental company, the police found the car parked in Hangzhou City, near the 3 point on the afternoon of the same day,, the police arrested the still catch the suspect Deng in a Traders Hotel East New Road,unexpected is, Dengmou tools just a about 15cm long slotted screwdriver.

31 pieces of mirror slice value more than 15

Deng, 24 years old, Jiangxi people, a few years ago came to Hangzhou to work, the original work in the automotive beauty industry, but was soon quit, but has been unable to find a job, no money, just want to "get" things change money.

Deng said, the rearview mirror to BMW, Mercedes Benz is very valuable, so I put a target in the two car, in September 21st last year, at noon, he first to Hangzhou East New Road, a car rental company rented a car, 22 am to Xiaoshan, with a slotted screwdriver pry the rearview mirror, for skid the 18 car, then driving to the nearest cityhospital of traditional Chinese medicine, had four cars, 5 a.m., he put the 31 pieces ofthe rearview mirror to pry to use cling film wrap and put in a rented car, then opened a room to sleep, to wake up to sell a good the price, "I intend to sell a ten thousand yuan." Deng said.

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