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Frequency GPS to solve crimes that made the difference most owners why still don't want to install
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Since the beginning of this year, Wuhan City car theft cases, rising sharply.Yesterday, Wuhan City Criminal Investigation Bureau, said in an interview: the recent police frequently detected theft, which exposed the lack of awareness of the owners.

From the monitoring service center of Wuhan City data of a GPS company shows, last year the company network users only vehicle theft case 3, and this year by the end of September 1st, the net users have occurred in the 7 car theft cases. Only in thecompany network vehicle as an example, stolen vehicle year-on-year growth of at least 200% last year.

But it is awkward is: GPS system with strong anti-theft function, but few in wuhan......

The police recovered the stolen vehicle

The GPS system frequently meritorious service

In June 14th this year at 6 in the morning, who Ezhou Mr Hu alarm: the license platefor Hubei G19074 Beijing Hyundai Elantra cars parked on the roadside stolen. The police through the GPS vehicle positioning system, locking the car at 107 State Road,Hubei Chibi and Hunan at the junction of Yueyang, in the high speed to the territory of Hunan.

Car theft is veteran, the driver chose poor road conditions, less toll station andmonitoring lens of 107 National highway. The next morning at eight forty PM, stolenvehicles entering Ningxiang county a small stall. According to the police vehicle location GPS, will soon find. The owner scared to say: "never stop the car by the roadside."

This year in September 8th at 12 pm, Wuhan police received a report, a license plate number for the AD7T * * car stolen, the police immediately and contact the GPS control center of the car, the car was quick to Dai Huang high-speed direction. At twelve twelve pm, according to customer requirements, the monitoring center issued abroken oil instruction to the car, vehicle flameout Dai Huang high-speed Hengdianentrance. Huangpi police then arrived, although the thieves had fled, but the car back to the home.

Auto theft means become more clever

Security technology to be multi pronged

Wuhan police said, although the police had been increased inspections, but the car was prying, smashing, theft cases still happen frequently. "More and more private cars, parking is not. Some owners can not find the place to stop, and had to find a corner of the park, to the thieves an opportunity."

According to the introduction, in addition to owners of self-protection awareness is not strong, clever thieves means is one of the main reasons. According to WuhanMunicipal Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade police introduction, from the current car cracked theft cases, the criminals to break the common mechanical anti-theft lock and the original anti-theft measures, only less than five minutes, basically useless. Some of the vehicles with electronic anti-theft system, will also be criminalsbreak. If the installation of advanced GPS system, even if the thieves stole the car, is also difficult to escape from the police.

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