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The built-in GPS shoes positioning system monitoring in patients with alzheimer's disease
Release Time:  2014/1/17 copyright belongs:  LEGEVO TECHNOLOGY Focus number: [ 8785]

According to the British Daily Mail reported, at present, the Usa Inc of the latest designa "GPS shoes", micro GPS system with built-in can accurately display the position of the user, if he is a out of the set area of Alzheimer's patients, his family will receive atext message or email tips. At the same time, the GPS shoes will also provide users with daily life more free space.

The latest design America shoes a, £ 250, a built-in micro GPS system, similar to acar navigation system, can accurately locate the user location

If the user GPS shoes left the designated safe areas, his close friend or family member will receive text messages or e-mail, this function only intelligent mobile phone or computer to download a software

The GPS shoes mainly for the whereabouts of monitoring and positioning of patients with Alzheimer's disease, is now in the UK market. As Alzheimer's relatives and friendsare usually very worried that they will lose the direction, now the GPS shoes to remote patient monitoring Alzheimer's disease, and let them have more freedom to act.

At present, GPS shoes for the price of 250 pounds, with a built-in micro GPS system,which is very similar to the car satellite navigation system, allowing users to pinpointthe location of.

Patients relatives and even to set a specific "security zone", so when the patient goes beyond the safety area, will remind the relatives to mobile phone SMS or email.

Relatives of patients using a software application is downloaded to the intelligentmobile phone or computer, find the lost patients. The GPS system into the shoe's heel, looks no different from a normal walking shoes. Unable to see the GPS systemfrom the outside, the user wears shoes will not feel, the system contains a battery, the SIM card (used to track users) and an integrated chip, these elements are combined together with the monitoring and positioning function.

An antenna and a USB interface in the heel, the USB interface can be charged, about every two days to a charge, charging about two hours. Now the GPS shoes was named "et Rex navigation GPS shoes", first sold in the UK market.

It is reported, AIT Rex navigation GPS shoes are GTX group company in Losangeles city American and AIT Rex shoe cooperation design, GTX company responsible formanufacturing micro tracking positioning device.

GTX Group Chairman Patrick Berta that, originally such micro GPS system used in the manufacture of middle and long distance runners training shoes, but the producttested very benefit from Alzheimer's patients, and changed the original purpose.Expected the UK and Ireland Alzheimer's patients

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