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Taxi LED value-added management solution
Release Time:  2014/2/19 copyright belongs:  LEGEVO TECHNOLOGY Focus number: [ 9759]

Demand analysis

The prosperity of national economy, promoting the vigorous development of various industries. Information advantage and opportunities to create wealth. Advertising as the pioneer of economic activity was highly recognition and enterprise investment. The emergence of new media also bring vitality to the advertising industry. Different media Shared the different customer demand, information for the wireless network transmission LED electronic screen height under the condition of market competition platform provides a highlight self unique advantages of the advertising industry.

ShangRui technology taxi LED value-added management solution tracking information release and GPS functions in one, in the implementation of the taxi scheduling management at the same time, also can through the monitoring platform on the roof of LED advertising screen information release management, brought great convenience to the taxi management department.

Advantage analysis

1) high coverage: taxi operation route is not fixed, more access to each big business district, commercial financial district, people residential area, airport, station and other regions, travel, home, business, shopping all have access to the high frequency shock advertising.

2) high arrival rate and mandatory: according to authoritative survey, body advertising is reached the highest rate in outdoor advertising media. The taxi advertising will be a city of media attention. Forcing passengers mandatory accept advertising information, effective arrival rate is extremely high, greatly strengthen the advertising audience's perception of products and brands.

3) high efficiency low cost: the taxi advertising aimed at enterprise target market accurately, it has high liquidity, wide range, flexible, the spread of brand information accurately, taxi the most active city in the corresponding advertising is the largest consumer groups.

4) high repetition rate: 20 hours of uninterrupted repeat all day, every month every car nearly 600 hours of effective promotion.

5) high effective contact rate: 1. Direct audience: in the rear of the taxi or bus ads will be the contact information of highest frequency. 2. Indirect audience: local resident population, tourists and business people, road sections in floating population.

6) high liquidity: taxi fluidity big, is not subject to regional restrictions, can move back and forth in every corner of the city, the influence of the deep, broad scope, reach, is not restricted by time, routes, portable advertising can send messages to the masses, anytime and anywhere, is unmatched by other advertising.

7) new media: the taxi is what any other media does not have \"people\" feature, namely a taxi will be actively looking for crowded area. Taxi LED advertising as a new media, will cause the great attention of the market, have the opportunity to form sensationalism, access to greater spread value.

8) strong visual impact: the height of the carriage advertisement position coincided with the pedestrian view was flat, the spread of advertising information can be close to the audience, maximum viewing opportunity. At the same time, in view of the drivers, advertising, particularly eye-catching.

System function

A, GPS monitoring function

1) location tracking and vehicle tracking

Real-time positioning: using GPS vehicle positioning, use GPRS to back position, makes the taxi management/dispatch center at any time know the location of the vehicle;

Parameter records: records parameters include: speed, location, driving directions, alarm state;

2) visual monitoring

Real-time display: the actual location of the vehicle automatic updates, the operation department to clear the actual position of the per car.

Photo view: the operation department to the car, car photographed this paper analyzes the reasons of traffic jam, adjust the start speed.

Video monitoring: a camera installed in the cab. The car is all recorded, such as distress, press the alarm switch taking pictures and immediately sent down photos uploaded to the background, to assist the public security department to catch the suspect.

3) the line management and trajectory playback

Line playback: can adjust the playback speed, suspend operation, etc.

Commonly used to check the vehicle driving route.

4) vehicle scheduling management:

Empty car/passenger monitoring: equipment interface preset with the empty light meter connected to the line of control, get empty car/passenger state, as part of the information will be uploaded to the background, do data support for scheduling.

And communications systems integration, each driver is equipped with a radio, the most reasonable scheduling can be realized, reduce road congestion and environmental pollution, reduce the taxi empty loading rate, increase the taxi driver

5) SOS alarm

In an emergency, brother can press the SOS button to start the alarm function.

Second, the information function

1) taxi top independently developed super bright LED advertising screen, combined with GPRS, CDMA and GPS, INTERNET and other online all the time, for the release of information, make each a taxi in the city of mobile information publishing platform. Can release public information and business information.

2) help information display: the product AD hoc pedal alarm switch, press the switch trigger the alarm and immediately upload photos and vehicle location information, linkage with 110. Alarm happens, taxi top LED display shows \"I was robbed, please report to the police.

3) can realize point to point and point to multipoint information release, can also be customized according to the requirements of the advertisers period, car number, such as directional information release, with great flexibility.

Third, extend the functionality

On-board systems also provide multiple RS232 interface, can be connected to the electronic trading facilities, also can be extended to 110, traffic police, public security, 110 command center platform, etc.

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