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The official GPS security management solutions
Release Time:  2014/2/19 copyright belongs:  LEGEVO TECHNOLOGY Focus number: [ 6635]


Star trace the bus management information system is through the innovation of the official management mode, through on each bus to install satellite positioning system GPS/beidou second generation dual system terminals, using the GPRS/CDMA wireless data communication technology, will the bus running status, real-time location, speed and direction of trajectory data uploaded to the monitoring center information system, the implementation of the bus monitoring and scientific scheduling, precise command, and statistical analysis of the car, and provide effective basis for performance management of the bus, the implementation of the bus running routing, dynamic, networking, transparency, humanized management. In full consideration the government use it under the condition of special security requirements, improve the efficiency of government department of transport, to the emergency vehicle scheduling ability, public management and service level.

Star trace technology designed for such vehicles to customize the following functions:

(a) innovation technology, improve the adaptability and system economics.

System design in strict accordance with the relevant national standards, to adapt to China's policies and regulations, organization form, the design of data format and the existing and habits, adopt appropriate leading innovative technology, has the advantages of advanced and good cost performance.

(2) the use of modern management, the advanced nature of the system and the openness.

Application of public management, public services and public economy such as modern management theory, fully successful experience for reference, provide perfect information platform for traffic management. System design USES the advanced concepts, technologies and methods, equipment, tools, adopted by the mature at the same time, using open standards, good compatibility with other management systems.

(3) to realize information sharing, and improve the system reliability and security.

Trace the bus management system integration, docking government vehicle management system, strengthen the interconnectivity, information sharing between systems. The bus monitor all the data updated in real time, and security. The construction of the system,

Fully considering the information resources sharing and its protection and isolation, has a perfect safety management system.

(4) the vehicle reasonable use, ensure operation routing and transparent.

Efficient scheduling official vehicles, provide abundant information for decision analysis. The limited area using vehicles can produce real-time alarm, and record in report form.

When car speeding real-time remind drivers, reduce the incidence of traffic accidents.

(5) realize the required functions, meet customers personalized and specialized.

Center monitoring, multi-level platform regulation, regional restrictions, not put on record on duty, law enforcement vehicles leave the area, the regulatory system will automatically alarm to the monitoring center; Real-time monitoring function. Use state, real-time regulation and driving route and mileage records; Intelligent scheduling. Rapid dispatch vehicle on official duties; Identification function, can realize the label card or fingerprint identification.

According to the characteristics of the official, system function mainly focus on the following objectives:

L vehicle information management: the accurate records vehicle information, partition time-sharing ZhaChe easily. Vehicle information transparency, the vehicles quantity control.

L data information management: alarm, fuel consumption and mileage data timely receiving, rapid report generation. A comprehensive understanding, convenient and cost budget.

L trajectory information management: route record, trajectory playback, time interval data back view. Real-time understanding, prevent private bus.

L train operation safety management: electronic fence, overspeed alarm prompt driving and fatigue driving. Reduce the number of traffic accidents, peace and civilization

L intelligent dispatching management: voice, text double dispatch, audio-visual dual regulation. Efficient scheduling, provide a reference for decision analysis information

L performance appraisal management: according to the people, the condition of vehicle generation car performance appraisal report. Provide effective basis for performance management of the bus

L easy personality operation: remote lock the car, accusing oil terminal to upgrade. Easy to operate, can guarantee the safety of the vehicle at the same time.

L strong platform interface: platform interface simple, clear, quickly. Electronic map layered display, fast zoom.


The article source: 华思众科技
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