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GPS mechanical engineering vehicle management system
Release Time:  2014/2/19 copyright belongs:  LEGEVO TECHNOLOGY Focus number: [ 8572]

Demand analysis

This software system is mainly for construction machinery leasing companies, using GPS positioning technology, electronic technology, computer software technology, network communication technology, electronic map of geographic information system, realize the specific location of engineering machinery, driving direction, speed and other monitoring scheduling management. And can be used to identify engineering machinery anomalies such as beyond areas, lack of cases, such as power cut-off, the voice remote monitoring.



System composition

System function

1) real-time track of vehicle scheduling

System between the vehicle and the monitoring center established quick, accurate and effective information transmission channel. The monitoring center can always grasp the vehicle status, scheduling orders quickly. Can also provide information service for vehicles, there are multiple monitoring methods to choose from. Through this function will also be able to understand the local distribution state of vehicle, convenient disposal center.

2) remote control vehicle

In an emergency, can be by car terminal for remote control vehicle. When, for example, engineering vehicles got robbed, can cut off the vehicle oil line by remote control function, lock the door, and thus make it not to continue driving, ChuJing win precious time for the public security department.

3) track record query

All monitoring vehicles running in the trajectory in the process of information will be kept record, convenient later inquiry. The monitoring center can be selected in the past time, query the historical data of the time period specified vehicles, have a history playback.

4) emergency alarm

When confronted with an emergency vehicle, vehicle terminal will automatically send alarm data to the monitoring center, the monitoring terminal shows the vehicle location, and voice prompt. In addition, when the driver in distress or in the process of driving accidents, such as vehicle failure cases, or by an on-board terminal alarm button to the monitoring center for help. The monitoring center can also be through monitoring equipment for monitoring and recording the car situation.

5) area/yaw alarm

Under special circumstances, in order to strengthen the vehicle management, request from fixed route or traffic only in specific areas. Preset in the system for a task vehicle route, such as vehicle did not press the default route or area out of setting, system will automatically alarm, center can take measures according to actual situation.

6) vehicle unified information management

System can carry on the informatization of centralized and unified management to the vehicle. System will be carried out on the vehicle information collection, entry, and then to users to modify, delete, and query function.

7) function of image transmission

Vehicles according to the need to install the electronic camera equipment, images or video shooting, to assure the safety of the passengers at the same time, also can timely understand the lines of the current operating situation, whether you need to temporary supplement running vehicles, etc.

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