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Before buying please issue more polished eyes GPS products
Release Time:  2014/1/17 copyright belongs:  LEGEVO TECHNOLOGY Focus number: [ 6607]

Now the car navigation products received more car owners attention, many people are already or ready to buy navigation products. But the market car GPS products areinnumerable, many small brand name never even heard of, not to mention how to guarantee the quality of the. The author of this to support an action, you need to know which place before buying.

1 is the first true demand for car navigation products

A friend drove very few do not know GPS this thing, know this thing can help driversfind a way, then for the new driver vehicle GPS is very helpful, and often go to theforeign friends, for more than two people, if met, then need to purchase a car GPS navigator.

The 2 decided to purchase the former GPS vehicle manufacturers, know some goodcustomer service.

The current domestic market car GPS products are innumerable, variety, dragons and fishes jumbled together, inevitably some copycat plants and small brands of products in the market to consumers caused by the infringement. So before buying, you need to know which brand is trustworthy. I recommend you to choose some well-known enterprises, such as TCI I swim series products, Mio, Shinco, Wizard of God, OPPO,the Freelander, Siemens etc.. After all, some manufacturers of the products after saleservice can be guaranteed, so as not to buy things can't find a place to repair.

3 selected models, to understand the detailed properties of the product on the Internet

Now the network developed, units, home access to the internet. So when you look fora brand product, I recommend you check the Internet in this product reputation and evaluation and other related articles, do know the score. For example, you can visit the Zhongguancun online GPS channel website, see the product reviews, search in the search engines of the product model about its users reputation etc.. When buying,can also according to the picture screen products online to see, see accessories are complete.

4 after the purchase to map upgrade cycle and the way.

Car GPS products are not bought with a lifetime of map data, which should also bewith the development of city construction has changed, so we need to regularly update. Usually manufacturers will be free update map data for a year for the user, so you need to know before buying, buy products with free upgrade cycle long and updating method, in order to ensure that the latest map data used.

I hope that everyone can buy a car GPS products suitable for you, if you buy what problems encountered are welcomed to participate in the discussion. Your problemmay be in the form of more friends help.

The article source: 华思众科技
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 Before buying please issue more polished
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