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GPS receiving antenna difference and application
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Effect of GPS receiving antenna, the electromagnetic wave energy conversion radiosignal to the satellite receiver electronics can current intake of application. Antennasize and shape is very important, because these characteristics determine theantenna can obtain the ability of weak GPS signal. According to the need, the antenna can be designed to work in L1 frequency single, can also work in the L1 and L2 two frequencies. Because the GPS signal is circularly polarized wave receiving antenna, so all the circular polarization mode. Although conditions varied, there still exist many different antenna types, such as unipolar, bipolar, helix, four arm spiral,and the microstrip antenna.

Microstrip antenna due to its durability and relatively easy to manufacture, so the mostcommon a kind of antenna for application. Its shape is round or square or rectangle,as a printed circuit board copper cladding. It consists of one or more metal sheets, so the shape of the GPS antenna is the most commonly used block node, like a Clay oven rolls. The antenna can be very small, so it is suitable for aerospace applicationsand personal handheld applications.

Another major characteristic of the antenna gain pattern, is the direction, i.e.. Usingthe directional antenna can improve the anti-interference and anti multipath ability. In the precise positioning, stable phase center antenna is a very important index.However, navigation applications in general, people want to use omnidirectional antennas, can at least visible satellite signal receiving antenna on all the sky abovefive degree field in the. Microstrip antenna is usually a ground plane as the grid. Due to the GPS receiver is generally weak, so often the active antenna, the antenna, is refers to the antenna with RF pre amplifier and low noise amplifier.

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