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China, the GPS satellite positioning tracker, let your management simple
Release Time:  2014/1/17 copyright belongs:  LEGEVO TECHNOLOGY Focus number: [ 13189]

Car GPS GPS tracker, let your management simple!

Running a big company, a team many times must be labor-intensive, hope everythingis in the hands of. However, not all things, can be just as one wishes, subordinatesgo-slow, cheat, not as the same time, customers constantly spur, which leads to low efficiency, is quite serious impact on a company. Midway through several layers oflevel, also let originally simple things complicated, you often nettled. This time, you willneed an invisible hand, to help you control it, let all things, all under control.

The tracker is specialized in the production of GPS positioning Shenzhen Huasi publiclimited company of science and technology, automatic, intelligent car with car detection terminal equipment. Capable of running state recording, monitoring the whole process of the vehicle terminal, provides the basis for scientific management of transport enterprises, enterprise units of vehicles. Transportation, rental, taxi industry preferred.

Its positioning and tracking function, can be used to send instructions to obtain theposition information of the terminal platform, with real-time, timing, positioning and tracking function, simultaneously it also has regional monitoring function, have corresponding monitoring on the surrounding rectangle, circle, polygon, get information, through the platform alarm upload. When his alarm upload function,especially in speeding, fatigue driving, electronic fence, rob the police, under voltage,leakage current state, alarm, and can collect numerous recently data, make managersjustified in this respect.

As the enterprise management, time management, process management, and costmanagement etc., all need to work to help, but most of the time, are labor-intensive,low. How to solve this problem, but also all the managers of enterprises headache.Huasi the products help you solve this problem plagued the entire era, as a tangiblebut not see assistant, help you solve the problem satisfactorily. Let you in the management aspect, there is a moment can monitor subordinates but free domesticuse, but it is not tired, not return. This is your good helper, effective managementpreferred.

Give the vehicle positioning tracker is arranged, good management of subordinates,science, system arrangement to go out business personnel, vehicles, and achieve the best strategy to improve the performance and control of travel, fuel costs.

A, product advantage

Low price: the price advantage of the products of the same kind.

Practical function: fully meet the positioning, tracking, monitoring, scheduling, alarm,electronic fence, mobile phone to get th

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The article source: 华思众科技
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