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【 preview 】 intelligent vehicle GPS tracker
Release Time:  2014/1/17 copyright belongs:  LEGEVO TECHNOLOGY Focus number: [ 9030]

The basic function of terminal:

A, positioning and tracking: the vehicles can be real-time tracking by monitoringplatform, can also send text messages through the intelligent mobile phone check vehicle position.

B, emergency alarm: equipment connected to the SOS button, press the SOS button3 seconds, the device will send alarm to the platform and a set of authorization number.

C, remote control cars off the oil electricity: whenever and wherever possible through mobile phone short message platform is installed or cut off oil electric terminal equipment of the vehicle.

D, remote monitoring: Dial in the terminal equipment of SIM card, connect canwhenever and wherever possible the monitoring terminal equipment within 5 meters around the voice.

E, motion alarm: through mobile phone text messages to the device, start the motoralarm function. Installation of vehicle terminal equipment will send a short letter tosend text messages to mobile phone.

F, overspeed alarm: through mobile phone text messages to the device, start theoverspeed alarm function, can also send commands through the platform forequipment set overspeed alarm. Installation of vehicle speed terminal equipmentexceeds the set speed will send text messages to inform or send alarm to the platform.

G, electronic fence: through the platform to start electronic fence function. Installation of terminal equipment of the vehicle beyond the limited scope will alarm to the platform.

H, mobile phone gets the dimensions: can access to the installation location of theequipment of the vehicle by the dimensions through mobile phone.

I, mobile phone through the mobile phone gets the location: send commands to theequipment, equipment return device location, this function needs the platform support.

J, remote reboot system: through mobile phone texting let terminal device to restart.

K, positioning interval: through the mobile phone set data transfer platform interval.Can also use the set transmission interval.

L, mileage statistics, ACC detection function, power failure alarm function, the switchdoor detection.

M, compatible with the original vehicle anti-theft device. The car anti-theft alarmequipment and alarm, notify the owner by sms.

N, remote via SMS or platform modifying device parameters function.

O, remote upgrade function: when the terminal needs to increase the function, but theequipment is installed in the car, can carry out remote upgrade through the GPRS, do not need to remove the equipment renewal.

P, fuel consumption detection: you can pick a fuel consumption sensor is connect

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The article source: 华思众科技
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