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Recruitment job: Sales Engineer
Release Time:  2014/1/17 copyright belongs:  LEGEVO TECHNOLOGY Focus number: [ 3502 ]
position:   Sales  number:   2
Work location:    Futian District Age requirements:    no limited  
Required qualifications:   high school above years of experience:  

1-3 years

            salary:   interview   The nature of the work:   full-time
Company address:

Room 811-815, Building 523,Bagua 2nd Road,Futian Dist,Shen Zhen,Guang Dong

Job description:  
Job requirements:

1, college degree or above, major in electronic major is preferred, men and women not limited;

2, there are more than one year sales experience;

3, have good communication skills and negotiation skills, strong business development ability and service ability;

4, positive, aggressive, willing to engage in challenging work, and have the ability to solve the problem, good learning ability, service awareness and team spirit of cooperation and coordination;

5, have a certain management ability, integrity integrity, strong sense of responsibility, work enthusiasm, can withstand pressure.

Job responsibilities:

1, is responsible for organizing the company's main product promotion;

2, responsible for customer development and communication of maintenance work;

3, collect market information and customer comments;

4, to provide customers consulting and coaching clients operating and installation related services;

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   Sales Engineer
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